Transcripts of political debates, campaign speeches, and trials are stuck in the last century

We think the public deserve better

So we are building SayIt

Free, open source technology to bring searchable transcripts to your website.

Now in Alpha

SayIt makes it easy to search, browse and share transcripts

See our demos

The People's Assembly is a site that we have built in partnership with the Parliamentary Monitoring Group in South Africa. It is the first site to use SayIt as an integrated Django app for Hansard, Questions and Committee Minutes content – do check it out!

Build sites with SayIt

SayIt is a Django application that can be integrated into your own sites or apps, or run as a standalone site

SayIt is a Poplus component

Poplus is an international network of civic hackers building open source components. The aim? To decrease the cost of running services that help drive accountability.

We need your help

We are sharing SayIt early because we need help from:

  • Reporters

    To make sure SayIt supports newsmakers

  • Campaigners

    To make SayIt work for change-makers

  • Public Servants

    To start getting standardised official data published

  • Developers

    To help convert transcripts and test integration

  • Interested people

    To help make SayIt’s user experience great


SayIt is open source and built on open standards

Get involved

Campaigners, Reporters, Public servants, Citizens, Everyone!

We really want to know what you want from SayIt

Get in touch

And we’re not done yet

The Alpha is complete, but SayIt is still in development



Publish transcripts that have been converted into an open standard we have adopted.



The ability to directly author new transcripts through a web-based user interface.

We're sure you have questions

What is SayIt?
It’s an open source tool for making transcripts really easy to read, search and share on the modern internet.
Why try to make transcripts better?
Transcripts are a kind of oil that greases the wheels of well-functioning societies. They let people discover when powerful people have made pronouncements that affect less powerful people. We believe that by making transcripts function better, more people will end up learning about decisions and opinions that affect their lives.
Does SayIt support languages other than English?
mySociety is an international organisation, and we’re very keen to get the first non-English transcripts online as soon as possible. Please contact us if you want to help us launch a non-English SayIt site.
Is SayIt open source? Does it use open standards or open data?
SayIt is open source, licensed under the Affero GPL, and you can check out the code in our GitHub repo. The data standard we use is a subset of the Akoma Ntoso data standard – a standard developed specifically for use in parliaments and assemblies.