SayIt was built for other people to use. If you’d like to get involved, here’s where to start. We’re looking for volunteers, whether you have coding skills or transcripts you’d like to upload.

If you’re technically minded, please read our introduction for developers, which includes information on the data standard we use for transcripts, how you can help, or how to install SayIt yourself.

If you’re not technically minded, please look at our guide for getting transcripts online, and of course please play with our site and let us know your thoughts.


Source code

The source code to SayIt is available in our GitHub repo, licensed under the Affero GPL. It can be installed stand-alone, or used as a Django application; patches are also welcome to this hosting service, which has its own repository.

The data standard we are using is a subset of Akoma Ntoso – a standard developed specifically for use in parliaments and assemblies.